Monday, September 19, 2011

Drip Feed Waste Veggie Oil Heater Weekend Build

Well I had this hulk of a heater shell for about two years. Due to a miss-communication on my part with a friend I ended up paying 700 dollars for this puppy. GASP!!!! That's a TON of money considering I do all of my tinkering on a shoestring budget. My wife and I give ourselves 150 per paycheck (bi-weekly) for our allowances. Out of that I need to eat my lunches at work (if I go out) buy beer and then tinker in my shop. At any rate 700 bucks for this sucker was a TON to me and it was just sitting there for 2 years. Originally I had intended to put a vertical Babbington into this puppy but now I have a much nicer solution. Thanks to the work being done by Ozzirt (mentioned in my previous post) I now have a working WVO Heater in my shop. I worked all weekend on this baby and fired it up about 9pm Sunday evening.

I ran it for 90 minutes hour and it used about 1 quart of oil. I can't be more specific on usage until I have more data to share with you. When I went to shut down for the evening I thought... Oh my blog! I need a video. LOL So here it is right when I was shutting down.
I still have work to do on this baby. I want to make a better permanent interface for my oil line to enter the unit without risk of it coming out. What a mess that would be. I also want to drill 2 more sets of holes in my secondary combustion chamber. It was making a high-speed oscillation (like a pulse jet engine) because it was not getting enough air at higher oil feed rates. But all in all... the test was a resounding success! I was so pleased with the performance of this baby that I can't even begin to explain how happy it makes me.
I will of course be posting more as I further my development with the furnace and today I want to get some daylight video of my chimney outside.


  1. My name is Adam and I built a wvo drip stove, I am able to run it and get it hot, the fire tube gets 900 degrees and the outside shell gets 270 degrees, my problem is insufficient burn. Can you help me with this problem, or do you know someone who can?

    Thank you


    1. Adam, take some video and show me what you've built. I can probably help you once I've seen it in action. If not me others will also be able to help you. But we need to see it in action for starters.