Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mesa Electronics Cards arrived!

My cards from Mesa Electronics ( arrived on Tuesday! I was so excited until I realized that I failed to get the two 50-pin ribbon cable connectors I needed to interface my boards together. -Figures. Guess I blew that one. I went to 5 different computer stores trying to find the cables before I finally just gave up and got them from e-bay. Oh well, I suppose that's why God invented e-bay ...right?

Well tonight I was working with EMC2 ( and getting it all set up on my computer when I realized I had yet another blunder. I ordered a set of 3 cards from Mesa: 7i43-U-4, 7i49, 7i42TA. The computer connects to the 7i43 card with a 25-pin parallel port cable. It's basically a straight-through printer cable all 25 pins go straight through. What I overlooked was my printer cable was male on one end and female on the other. I needed to get a special cable with male connections on both ends. Another F-A-I-L on my part. Back to e-bay tonight! :roll: I didn't even try to find that baby at computer stores. I knew it would be a special item.

Anyway, here are my 3 cards that I got:

This one interfaces directly with my PC through the parallel port cable.

This is the 7i49 card:
It is used specifically with resolvers (which my old TREE has) instead of encoders.

This is the 7i42TA card that will give me a bunch of screw terminals to interface all kinds of things like relays, e-stops and limit switches... Basically all kinds of things I may need to connect up to EMC.

Unfortunately (for my project) we're going on vacation Saturday so I won't be able to really mess with anything until I get back. But due to my blunders, I didn't have all of the pieces I needed anyway, so in effect the vacation will help me from going nuts as I wait for my special cables to arrive.


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