Monday, September 26, 2011

Tree Journeyman 200R restoration - Collet Pics

Yesterday I worked all day on my Tree Journeyman 200R Milling Machine. I started the day in good spirits and said "Hey you know what... there's a grease cert here on my X and Y hand wheels. Why don't I grease these babies up!?" Well of course I start squeezing it in there and looking for the grease to start coming out. Nothing yet... 3 pumps nothing still 4 pumps ...slowly now ...Wow this thing must have been really low. It'll work like a charm after this! Then suddenly POP! -Oh shit... the bearing cover popped off! I spent the next 2 hours getting it back on. I used 2 large C-Clamps in combination with a large pair of Channel Locks and then some metal spacers so I was dispersing the pressure evenly across 3 points at relatively the same speed. Luckily I got it to pop back on. A little push of the ball in the grease-cert and the excess grease came oozing out to relieve the pressure. I gingerly put a 1/2 pump back in and all was well. Whew! Crisis averted!

Anyway I worked all day cleaning my machine, de-greasing it and cleaning it up. I did some more work on tuning the old CNC PC because it may be a while before I get my new EMC2 interface up and running. I wanted to have the capability to machine circles this week. I have a new little project I am starting based off of my WVO Drip Feed heater research. I think you guys will love the idea.

Anyway, I figured I had taken some pictures of most parts of my mill but I have yet to get some good images of my Collet Holders. These are Kwik-Change Acura Flex collet holders. I have about 8 of them but would like to get my hands on some more if the price is right. If I ever fix my spindle runout issue these will be nice to have in ample supply.

They read:

KWIK-SWITCH     80237

The nut type holder that tightens down on the collet reads:
ACURA-FLEX 9400005

Just showing you what they look like when all the pieces are together. I am having a difficult time determining exactly what these collets are. If you can help me out please let me know. I have about 15 collets but I'm missing a LOT of sizes I would like to have.

This one is an ACURA-GRIP collet holder. It's pretty cool and uses a slightly different type of collet.

See how these collets don't have that double taper on them? I'm going to try them out and see how I like them. I only have 5 of these so I am missing quite a few.

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