Monday, January 30, 2012

Lighting my Ozzirt style heater from a cold start

Hello Everyone,

I made a new video to show some advanced options on my Ozzirt style drip feed WVO heater. I also decided to show you just how it is started with these new options. I show everything (excluding nothing) from a cold start all the way to a full burn. I have installed a fuel tank on the side of mine as well as a "sidekick" as I like to call it. In my video I explain the purpose of both and why they are where they are. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I hope you enjoy the video.

In case you don't have time for the video right now, my "sidekick" allows me to cold start my heater without opening anything up or adding any "wick" material at all. I can start the system from ice cold to full burn on about 1/2 cup of Kerosene. I may be able to reduce that with some practice.

My fuel tank mounted on the side employs a "gate valve" for oil flow. This valve is very nice as it will not clog up. I highly recommend using one in your system. Mounted on the side as I have it, I get a lot of residual heat from the heater so it keeps my oil nice and viscus.

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  1. Hey Chris,
    I've been looking around at various WVO setups and saw your video. Then, found this blog and your site, but it looks like you've not been on the blog or web site for some time now.

    Hope all is OK.

    Or, have you moved onto something else?

    Thanks for the info!

    -- Jim