Thursday, January 26, 2012

More VWO Drip Feed Heater Videos

Hi Guys, It's been a little while since I have posted so I wanted to show you some updates and some new things I have done with my WVO heater. First of all I will say it's REQUIRED to have the drip visible. Second, it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you have a catch basin below the primary combustion pan. Not having my drip visible caused an overflow one day which was a huge mess. So now I have a visible drip and a catch pan. Don't make my mistake... learn from my errors and save yourself the heart-ache of a mess to clean up.

In this second video I have my burner going at full speed when I open the door. It's amazing how high that flame is shooting up in there. It's probably close to 3 feet high! -All without any forced air, compressed air or fans. This burner design is truly amazing. It is lending some support to the idea of a longer secondary combustion chamber though. I might tinker with that later.

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