Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My first Hate Mail

Well I guess you can't run a public site and not (some day) receive hate mail of some kind. This one was great as the person claims they once donated to the OUPower.com website, but now they hope that someone in my family is taken in violence. I figured I would share this e-mail with everyone. -Merry Christmas!

Date: 12/27/2011
Subject:  we're long time supporters...

Hi Chris,

Wow..it's been a long time, but Savanna and I gave you a donation a long time ago.
We are like minded people and work at many of the same themes as you have...

But I showed the 'Hunting Photos" on your site to my wife,
and we both looked at each other and said,  " what a fucking shame..!"

Had we known that beautiful little girl of yours was going to be raised as a hunter..
we would have left you, long, long ago.

Hunters are the most out of touch people we have ever in our lives had the displeasure to meet.

and this, sadly means you and your daughter as well.

Goodbye forever.

Remove us from any mailing lists you may have ...
we want nothing to do with you ever again.

and we hope as a lesson in Karma, that someone in your family is taken in violence, the same way you take
family members of a deer family.   How else can you lean the searing pain of loss?
We wonder how your daughter would react to someone taking your life for a set of antlers?
would she miss you?

only you can answer that.


Craig and Savanna Sparks
Lincoln City, Oregon

Here's my reply:

Date: 12/27/2011

Dear Craig,

Aparantly the only hunters you have ever been exposed to were not really hunters at all; rather from your explanation I would classify them as poachers.

My daughter and I do not hunt for pleasure. We hunt to put food on our table and to also help control local populations of certain speecies. Deer, if left go will overpopulate an area causing many more auto accidents and greatly increased crop damage. Rabbits have other issues as do squirrels when they overpopulate an area. -But I doubt you care to hear the explanations there.

In all cases we eat what we kill and in that sacred circle of life my children are learning respect for the life taken and a skill that may some day save their or their family's life.

If you want to speak of Karma my friend... Take this little challenge for me. Print your note out and take it to anyone ...yes anyone who is a person you consider to be of solid "Karmic" makeup. Let them read your letter and see what they think. I believe if you actually have the courage to take me up on this challenge and go to someone you respect they will help you to see you have made a grevious mistake in judging so harshly; wishing doom on another, and damn near removing yourself from all that is good in this world by your one little "hate" letter.

All I can say Sir is ...Wow!

Regarding mailing lists. I have none. I don't send any notes out to those who follow my site. I don't promote anything on my site beyond learning and growing in ones knowledge to help our planet and society.

Merry Christmas Craig. May you and your family have a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year.

His Rebuttal:
Date: 12/27/2011
Subject:  not hate..fact.

I didn't sent you a hate letter,

I put food on my family's table for many years by hunting and fishing, so you can put the lecture notes away.

We do live in in a subsistence society, and will not again.

The wildlife population would be gone in months were things to go that way.

IWe ran the only wildlife clinic ( we are state and federally licensed ) on the Washington state coast, for 7 years, and

we are all too familiar with the effects of hunting...fawns with arrows in their hips or necks..

bucks and does with horrific wounds from infected gunshot wounds..by the hundreds !!!!

Deer being dressed will still alive....!

You can take that holier than thou attitude..but you are kidding only yourself.

You and your daughter are killers and destroyers of wildlife families.

Families that have the same integrity and validity as your own, no more, no less.

When you arrive at the trainstation called understanding, you will be amazed.

if you arrive.  most all the hunters I know are in deep denial of the trauma, pain and extreme suffering they

bring to wildlife familes.

I find it in typical in your response...because if you look at the situation with open eyes...you can cannot but

help seeing your own family in the crosshairs.

And about wishing you a traumatic event....in the case of hunters, there is little chance of enlightemment

with some major event....

You can see for yourself...you reject the reasoning of deer familes because if you acknowledge the love and affection

that is present in these beautiful creatures...then you would be ending your hunting days.

by the way...I grew out my need to kill by the time I was 12.

So sorry you are crippled by emotional blindness.

there is hope...try volunteering at your local wildlife clinic, and hold those shaking, dying animals , the one's the "got away"

see the reaction in their eyes to caring and compassion, and healing

I'm so sorry that someone on the path to energy freedom is so blind and deaf to the  heart.

Craig and Savanna


  1. I find his first line of the rebuttal the most funny "I put food on our tables by hunting and fishing" but blasting you for doing so. Like a ex-smoker blasting you for smoking. The state where they are from says it all Oregon. Have not met really anyone from the time I lived in Vancouver, WA that was not some hypocrite like this person and more than likely now a Vegan.

    Sure it is true many hunters should not be hunting at all because of animals that are only wounded and left to their devices and those hunters should be beaten and banned from hunting but those like you and many of us that hunt responsibly makes his argument mute.

    I would ask him how the elk population around Mt. Saint Helen feels starving to death and disease ridden due to overpopulation and bans from hunting in that area is that a more "humane" way to treat wildlife?

  2. Hi my names Shaun, I live in the UK and have followed your site for a few years.
    First off let me say this, I think what you do is pretty amazing and the fact you take the time to share this with the rest of the world is very admirable.
    As for the hate mail !!, this guy and his wife need to grow up and see the bigger picture.
    So you hunt in your spare time, I personally do not agree with hunting but I am intelligent enough to understand that others may and be it right or wrong that is your right.
    How would he react if it was discovered that Albert Einstein or Marry Currie used to hunt in their spare time ? would he ban his family from from having Xrays or stop them using mathematical equations ?
    The world is a better place because of people like them and will become better still because of people like you, so to that guy I say "Wake up " and to you I say "Keep up the good work"

  3. Thank you Shaun, Hello from the US! Someday I would like to get over to visit the UK. Thank you for the kind words regarding my site and what I try to do. I have been out of touch for a few years due to some family issues but I'm starting to get back on track now and get things in order. I hope to soon have the time to start my research again in earnest. You do make good points at the end and I think it's important for people to remember that it's our differences which make us stronger as a society. If we were all clones of one another, I doubt very much we'd accomplish anything too amazing. So thank you for your words, and your support! Take care. -Chris