Friday, April 18, 2014

Some things I have been working hard on

These are just some of the things I've been doing over the past year...

The kids each needed a bed! And furniture! Dressers, desks...

Bad leak on my incoming well water pipe. It was leaking from the outside ground into the basement through the hole in the wall. The water pipe coming from the well itself was not leaking.

Taking some time out to make a fire in the basement wood stove! Nathan loves to make fires! But then again so does his Daddy!

Yes more camp fires out back!

A shot of my house from the back. 1.1 Acres of ground so just enough to have some fun!

More cook-outs and smores!!

Getting my septic bed installed. That wasn't done when I moved in. What a pain! I was just filling my septic tank up when I moved in but we had to wait for warmer weather to put the bed into the ground.

Bad issue with run-off mitigation. I fixed this once and now have to fix it again after installing my new pole barn. Pic for that is later...

Fixing that nasty ground water leak coming into my basement.

My new Toy! Er eh um... tool to use in the yard to help me get all sorts of stuff done! I have used this a LOT since I got it! Firewood, moving earth, driveway stone, stump removal, firewood, firewood, firewood...

Had to fix my carburetor it was all gummed up. My tractor is a 1965 Ford 1841-S (Sherman Transmission). It's a beast but helps me to get the job done.

My new smaller pole-barn outside. Just for dirty nasty stuff like Foundry work, Blacksmith, Waste Oil Experimentation, Welding and any other messy things I want to do.

My shower/tub for the master bedroom was not done when I moved in. I had to pay a contractor to help me get the first part done, then I finished the tiling on the walls. What a job!

OK my son helped! *grin* he's a good little helper!

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